Debtor Engagement

The loans of some 170 debtors remain under the management of NAMA. Of these, 125 are active which includes 55 in support strategies and 70 subject to enforcement. The remaining debtors are being monitored under forbearance strategies or exit agreements.

NAMA originally managed the largest 180 debtors (accounting for €61 billion in acquired nominal loan balances) directly, with the remainder being managed by the participating institutions or loan service providers overseen by NAMA. NAMA required each debtor to submit a business plan whose primary purpose was to present a complete account of financial affairs and to provide a detailed plan of how and when all liabilities to NAMA would be repaid.

The business plan process ultimately lead either to approval of the debtor’s business plan (possibly subject to changes and the imposition of certain conditions) or to enforcement. The latter applied in the case of debtors who were unable to prove that they had the capacity to meet their debt obligations (even if restructured) or where they failed to co-operate. Enforcement is not NAMA’s preferred option as its stated objective is to try and achieve a consensual workout with as many debtors as possible. However, in certain circumstances, enforcement is necessary in order to protect the value of NAMA's assets.

Please find below current version of the Form A to be completed by Debtors for credit applications, as well as guidance notes on processing the Form A and the disposal of real estate assets. Should you have any difficulties downloading these documents please contact NAMA.