Social Initiatives

NAMA, within the context of its overriding commercial objective, seeks to manage its portfolio in a manner that complements the objectives of Government Departments, local authorities and State agencies.

Cardboard cutout of house and family

This can be seen in a number of aspects of NAMA’s work – such as providing homes for social housing, making properties available for schools and other public uses, working with IDA to identify suitable properties for companies investing in Ireland, and agreeing rent abatements with businesses to support jobs.

An area of particular importance to NAMA is the provision of homes, through the Agency’s debtors and receivers, for social housing. NAMA has made over 7,600 houses and apartments, one third of the completed housing stock held by its debtors and receivers in Ireland, available (through the Housing Agency) to local authorities and approved housing bodies for social housing.

Social Housing – NAMA’s involvement at a glance

  • 7,653 units

    identified by NAMA

  • 2,997 units

    social housing delivered so far

  • 180+ projects

    the programme has comprised over 180 individual projects nationally