Social Housing

NAMA continues to work closely with the Minister for Housing, Planning and Local Government in relation to the delivery of social housing and all parties remain committed to the maximum possible delivery of residential units under this important initiative

Through the course of the initiative, NAMA has identified 7,093 residential properties as being potentially suitable for social housing. The process of confirming demand and suitability is a matter for local authorities and is not something in which NAMA has a role. To date, 2,614 have been delivered for social housing use which is the majority (93%) of all those properties for which demand was confirmed and which remained vacant and available.

Social housing flow chart

Once demand for a property has been confirmed by a local authority, NAMA facilitates contact and negotiation between its debtor or receiver and the local authority or Approved Housing Body (‘AHB’) to acquire the property. Contractual arrangements can take the form of a lease or purchase. In general, purchases are completed by AHBs and the properties acquired are then made available to local authorities under a payment and availability agreement.

To help further streamline delivery, NAMA also established a special purpose vehicle (National Asset Residential Property Services ‘NARPS’) to take direct ownership of properties where there is an established demand and to then lease these properties long-term to an AHB or Local Authority. For information on how the NARPS model operated is outlined here.

In the majority of cases, the properties acquired by NARPS are the remaining incomplete units in unfinished housing estates. In these instances, NAMA funds its debtor or receiver to complete both the properties and the wider common areas of the estate. To date, over half of the properties delivered by NAMA to AHBs/ local authorities have been made available through NARPS. Examples of properties acquired by NARPS and leased to AHBs are shown here

Social Housing (as at end-March2020) – Properties Delivered for Social Housing by Local Authority Area

Carlow Co. Co.1030103
Clare Co. Co.55055
Cork City1362138
Cork Co. Co.3540354
Donegal Co. Co505
Dublin City4150415
Dún Laoghaire Rathdown Co. Co.27210282
Fingal Co. Co. 1430143
Galway City Council1960196
Galway Co. Co.32032
Kerry Co. Co.42042
Kildare Co. Co.2350235
Kilkenny Co. Co.56056
Limerick City and County Council20020
Louth County Council27027
Laois Co. Co.35035
Meath Co. Co.39039
Monaghan Co. Co382462
Offaly Co. Co.30030
Sligo Co. Co404
South Dublin Co. Co.1460146
Waterford Co. Co.51051
Westmeath Co. Co20020
Wexford Co. Co1029111
Wicklow Co. Co.13013
Grand Total2,569452,614

Social Housing Delivery - By Approved Housing Body / Local Authority (as at end-March 2020)

Completed sales     
CountyAHB / LA# Units DeliveredDirect SaleNARPS LeasingDirect Lease
CarlowCarlow VHA8 8 
CarlowCo-Operative Housing Ireland40 40 
CarlowRespond! Housing Association5555  
ClareBanner Housing77  
ClareClare County Council17116 
ClareCo-Operative Housing Ireland31 31 
CorkClúid Housing27423 
CorkCo-Operative Housing Ireland1103476 
CorkCork City Council5353  
CorkCork County Council35431 
CorkRespond! Housing Association35134 
CorkTúath Housing21155156 
CorkTúath Housing JV with investor1414  
CorkHousing Agency55  
DonegalClúid Housing55  
DublinCircle VHA1022478 
DublinClanmil Ireland8 8 
DublinClúid Housing312168144 
DublinCo-Operative Housing Ireland13 13 
DublinDublin City Council8  8
DublinDublin Simon 2828  
DublinDun Laoghaire Rathdown Co Co2828  
DublinFingal Co Co2525  
DublinFocus Ireland12 12 
DublinHousing Agency1414  
DublinNorth & East Housing Association45 45 
DublinRespond! Housing Association18
DublinTúath Housing30739268 
GalwayBrothers of Charity3  3
GalwayClúid Housing826121 
GalwayGalway City Council227 15
GalwayGalway Co Co88  
GalwayTúath Housing8736501
GalwayTúath, Clúid and Galway Co Co2626  
KerryCamphill Community Dingle33  
KerryClúid Housing1515  
KerryLe Cheile Housing1111  
KerryCo-Operative Housing Ireland6 6 
KerryTúath Housing7 7 
KildareClúid Housing4848  
KildareKildare County Council88  
KildareTúath Housing165122
KildareHomeless Care1414  
KilkennyFocus Ireland9 9 
KilkennyHousing Agency11  
KilkennyKilkenny County Council1111  
KilkennyTúath Housing35 35 
LaoisCo-Operative Housing Ireland35 35 
LimerickBrothers of Charity7  7
LimerickClúid Housing55  
LimerickFocus Ireland44  
LimerickHousing Agency44  
LouthDrogheda Borough Council12  12
LouthTúath Housing1515  
MeathNorth & East Housing Association30129 
MeathClúid Housing99  
MonaghanNorth & East Housing Association38 38 
OffalyOaklee Housing30129 
SligoSteer Housing4 4 
WaterfordAnvers Housing Association77  
WaterfordClúid Housing4 4 
WaterfordCo-Operative Housing Ireland21 21 
WaterfordRespond! Housing Association1919  
WestmeathTúath Housing20416 
WexfordClúid Housing574710 
WexfordCo-Operative Housing Ireland19415 
WexfordOaklee Housing24 24 
WexfordWexford County Council22  
WicklowTúath Housing13 67 
Contracted Units     
CountyAHB / LA# Units ContractedDirect SaleNARPS LeasingDirect Lease
CorkCo-Operative Housing Ireland2 2 
DublinDun Laoghaire Rathdown Co Co1010  
MonaghanNorth & East Housing Association24
WexfordClúid Housing