Social Housing Units Offered by Local Authority

The responsibility for determining the suitability of properties for social housing rests with the local authorities and the Housing Agency. An important consideration is the requirement to provide for an appropriate mix of housing tenures and to avoid undue housing segregation within the individual developments and within wider residential areas. For that reason, in some cases no demand was confirmed by local authorities.

Breakdown by Local Authority of units identified as potentially suitable for social housing at end of June 2018

Local AuthorityIdentifiedDemand ConfirmedNo Longer Under ConsiderationCompleted/Contracted
Carlow Co. Co.19311182103
Cavan Co. Co.491480
Clare Co.Co2357715855
Cork City470157313138
Cork Co. Co.817324493321
Donegal Co. Co.137281095
Dublin City853424429413
Dún Laoghaire-Rathdown Co. Co.480294186282
Fingal Co. Co.312150162143
Galway City2031967196
Galway Co. Co.1453511032
Kerry Co. Co.2215916242
Kildare Co. Co.352172180172
Kilkenny Co. Co.1896612356
Laois Co. Co.133369735
Leitrim Co. Co.350350
Limerick City & Co. Co.1633512817
Longford Co. Co.380380
Louth Co. Co.3227527
Mayo Co. Co.7521540
Meath Co. Co.2363919739
Monaghan Co. Co.6562338
Offaly Co. Co.83325130
Roscommon Co. Co.10401040
Sligo Co. Co.12229934
South Dublin Co. Co.594148446146
Tipperary Co. Co.16101610
Waterford City & Co. Co.109515851
Westmeath Co. Co.108228620
Wexford Co. Co.225107118102
Wicklow Co. Co.4514317

Breakdown by Local Authority of units no longer under consideration (4,267)

Local Authority
No - Demand
No - Sustainable Communities
Not Suitable
Not Available
Carlow Co. Co.2728027
Cavan Co.Co.1517016
Clare Co.Co.3111809
Cork City01780135
Cork Co.Co.10670380
Donegal Co.Co.1634059
Dublin City152238183
Dún Laoghaire-Rathdown Co.Co.63217131
Fingal Co.Co.6012144
Galway City0007
Galway Co.Co.2040050
Kerry Co.Co.760086
Kildare Co.Co.48141999
Kilkenny Co.Co.346083
Laois Co.Co.479041
Leitrim Co.Co.35000
Limerick City & Co.Co.7016042
Longford Co.Co.150023
Louth Co.Co.5000
Mayo Co.Co.170037
Meath Co.Co.60280109
Monaghan Co.Co.3000
Offaly Co.Co.370014
Roscommon Co.Co.550049
Sligo Co.Co.6002013
South Dublin Co.Co.044600
Tipperary Co.Co.9157013
Waterford City & Co.Co.411007
Westmeath Co.Co.653018
Wexford Co.Co.650053
Wicklow Co.Co.001615