Request for Expressions of Interest

The National Asset Management Agency (NAMA), may from time to time, invest in projects/assets.  NAMA is seeking expressions of interest from parties who have the capacity to invest with NAMA on a Joint Venture basis where such opportunities arise.

Potential investment will have a completed value of €20 million or more.  In this regard interested parties must demonstrate a net asset value of at least €2.5 million. (Should the minimum value of potential investment be revised downwards, NAMA will notify the market via its website).

Interested parties (who comply with the above minimum net asset value requirement) are invited to register their interest by submitting the following details:

(a)   preferred type of investment opportunity/development project (e.g. commercial/residential/mixed development);

(b)   geographical locations of interest;

 (c)    project scale of interest – (Indicate which of the following bands, which represent project completed values:

-          Lot 1: €20m – €50m;

-          Lot 2: €50m – €100m;

-          Lot 3: €100m upwards.

Commensurate with the preferred scale of project indicated in (c) above, interested parties must submit details of:

 (i) past experience/past projects worked on and role in each such project;

(ii) relevant expertise;

(iii) organisational structure/capacity/management resources; and

(iv) potential for equity participation

The above information should be submitted in a single document to by the 31st March 2014. NAMA may invite new expressions of interest at least annually.    

Should NAMA identify a potential investment opportunity, it will review the submissions received for suitable investment partners and may seek further information from selected interested parties.

 Note: The purpose in seeking expressions of interest at this time is to create a register of potential Joint Venture partners who may be interested in investing with NAMA in respect of certain projects, such as commercial or residential development projects. NAMA has to date received a number of unsolicited expressions of interest from the market and NAMA wishes to make the wider market aware of the potential for such opportunities.

It should be noted that submissions received pursuant to this call for expressions of interest will not be evaluated at this stage and the invitation is solely for the purpose of forming a register of interested and suitable Joint Venture partners.  Therefore, those who make a submission should not expect any feedback or assessment of their application at this stage.  Should NAMA identify a possible investment opportunity in the future, it will at that time review the register where it will seek to identify those most suitable for any given project.  NAMA will at that stage engage with potential Joint Venture partners where it may then seek further clarification/information in respect of a submission.