NAMA updates list of properties subject to enforcement action

The National Asset Management Agency (NAMA) has updated its website page detailing the properties which are subject to enforcement action by the Agency. The new information includes all properties which were subject to enforcement action at the 31st July last. The list includes 36 new properties to which receivers were appointed during July. The total number of properties now listed is 887 (some of which are multiple properties such as Apartment blocks). 

The following link will bring you to the property page.  The opening pages of the PDF on this link identify the properties added to the list since its last publication.  It is intended that the site will be updated at the end of each month going forward. 

Statistics on visitors to NAMA website

NAMA has also issued details on the level of interest attracted by the page.  Over the four weeks since the publication of this information on the NAMA website on 28th July, the webpage has received 93,000 individual visits from users in 150 different countries.   Approximately 70% of the visitors to the site originate in Ireland, 20% originate in the UK and the remaining 10% originate in up to 148 countries with the largest of these hits being from the United States, Germany, France, Spain and Canada.

Speaking today a spokesman for NAMA said that the information on the site had generated thousands of enquiries so far: “There’s been an incredible response to the information on the site.  No doubt some visitors are simply curious but many are very interested in what’s available to purchase and we hope that the site will encourage transactions on the relevant properties. Interested parties are encouraged to contact the appointed insolvency professional that is referenced for each asset1  listed.” 
He added: “In response to very helpful suggestions and internal review, NAMA is in the process of planning a series of enhancements to the website to improve the user’s overall experience. Further details will be advised as this process progresses over the coming months.”


1 While an asset is listed, it may not be available for sale at present. All assets that are subject to enforcement will be offered for sale within a reasonable timeframe as soon as any outstanding issues are resolved. The relevant insolvency professional will advise.