NAMA statement on social housing

The National Asset Management Agency (NAMA) wishes to clarify a number of points following comments made by Focus Ireland earlier today.

A NAMA spokesman said: “The Agency is fully committed to playing its part in providing homes for people who need them. But it is important that the social housing debate is informed by facts”.

The spokesman added:

  • The Agency has identified and made available more than 4,000 houses and apartments for social housing purposes to local authorities and the Housing Agency.
  • 2,000 houses and apartments, out of the over 4,000 offered by NAMA, have been identified by local authorities and the Housing Agency so far as being acceptable for social housing purposes.
  • All approved housing bodies, including Focus, are free to deal with local authorities and the Housing Agency to lease or purchase these properties.
  • Focus Ireland has been provided with details of 136 properties across a variety of developments in Dublin, Cork and Kildare. Focus subsequently declined all these properties, saying none meet its specific requirements.
  • NAMA understands that the Housing Agency has notified Focus Ireland of the availability of an additional 72 NAMA properties that may be suitable for their needs – most recently on 13 November 2013.
  • NAMA is already in negotiation with Focus Ireland in relation to the potential leasing of up to 19 properties in Co Kilkenny they have identified as being suitable.
  • NAMA has also facilitated the sale of apartments in Limerick city centre to Focus Ireland earlier this year.
  • In total, NAMA has delivered over 475 properties for social housing to date, with a target of 600 by year end. The remaining 1,400 which the Housing Agency and local authorities have deemed suitable are subject to ongoing discussions between them and approved housing bodies (AHBs). Once the AHBs identify them as being suitable, NAMA will expedite the delivery.
  • The Agency wants the 4,000 houses and apartments it has made available for social housing to be used by local authorities and housing bodies but understands that they are free to decline them if they do not wish to use them.
  • The facts, as outlined above, are known to Focus Ireland having been pointed out to them on numerous occasions in the past.
  • NAMA has been the most proactive of any financial institution in making housing units available for local authorities and approved housing bodies.