NAMA Issues Tender for Advisory Services

The National Asset Management Agency ('NAMA') is seeking proposals for appointment to panels, under a framework agreement, of suitably qualified professionals to provide advisory services in connection with the sourcing, review, evaluation and monitoring of debtor financial information and strategies and to assist NAMA with its interactions with those debtors.

It is intended that the panels will provide services principally for loans that may be acquired following the current loan sales process being conducted by the Special Liquidators to Irish Bank Resolution Corporation (‘IBRC’). The Government decided in February 2013 that NAMA would acquire any commercial and residential loans which were unsold after the Special Liquidators had completed a loan valuation and sales process. The loan valuation process has concluded and the Special Liquidators are currently managing the loan sales process on a phased basis.

The Framework will consist of three panels (each a "Panel"). Tenderers will be appointed to only one Panel but may tender for more than one Panel:

Panel 1: High Complexity Connections
Panel 2: Medium Complexity Connections
Panel 3: Low Complexity Connections

NAMA intends to appoint approximately 7 Advisors to each Panel, provided a sufficient number of suitable Tenderers qualify.
Further details are available at at (site registration required) and