CommitteeCurrent CompositionFunction

 Audit Committee

Two non-executive Board members and one external member.The Audit Committee assists the Board in its oversight of a number of key areas, including financial reporting, the independence and integrity of the internal and external control processes and compliance by the participating institutions with their contractual obligations to NAMA.


 Credit Committee

Two non-executive Board members, the CEO of NAMA and five senior NAMA executives.The Committee operates under delegated authority from the Board which has ultimate responsibility for the credit risk of NAMA’s portfolio. In line with the credit policy approved by the Board, and subject to agreed portfolio limits, the Credit Committee is responsible for the approval or rejection of a certain range of credit applications. These are applications which fall below the level required for Board approval but exceed the credit approval authority which has been delegated to the NAMA CEO by the Board. The Committee must operate in a considered and timely manner in order to support efficient, credit-related decision-making on loans acquired by NAMA.

Risk Management Committee

Three non-executive Board members, the CEO of NAMA, the CFO of NAMA and the Head of Asset Management of NAMAThe purpose of the Risk Management Committee is to embed and oversee the implementation of Board-approved risk management policies. The Committee is also responsible for the ongoing review and oversight of the risk profile of NAMA within the context of approved risk policy.
Finance and Operating CommitteeTwo non-executive Board members, the CEO of NAMA and three senior NAMA executives.The purpose of the Finance and Operating Committee is to monitor the financial and operational management of NAMA and its budgetary and management reporting and to exercise oversight of the procurement process and of certain key service providers.
Planning Advisory CommitteeThree non-executive Board members, the CEO of NAMA, the Head of Asset Management of NAMA and two external members. The Committee advises the Board on planning, land and any related matters that may exert an influence on the valuation and realisation of NAMA assets and thereby affect the achievement of NAMA’s purpose and functions.
Remuneration CommitteeFour non-executive Board members.The purpose of the Remuneration Committee is to review and make recommendations to the NAMA Board on NAMA's overall remuneration policy