National Asset Management Agency - Annual Report 2013

In issue at the beginning of the year 1,593,000 1,601,000
Issued in the year - 1,000
Cancelled in the year - (9,000)
In issue at 31 December 1,593,000 1,593,000

The above are Callable Perpetual Subordinated Fixed Rate Bonds that were issued by NAML and transferred to NAMGSL under a profit participating loan arrangement and by NAMGSL to NALML. The latter company used these securities as consideration (5%) for the loan portfolio acquired from each of the Participating Institutions.

The interest rate on the instruments is the 10 year Irish Government Bond rate at the date of first issuance, plus 75 basis points. This rate has been set at a fixed return of 5.264%. Interest is paid annually if deemed appropriate to do so, however the coupon is declared at the option of the issuer. Coupons not declared in any year will not accumulate. No coupon was declared at the reporting date.

Although the bonds are perpetual in nature, the issuer may "call" (i.e. redeem) the bonds on the first call date (which is 10 years from the date of issuance), and every interest payment date thereafter (regardless of whether interest is to be paid or not).

Under IAS 32, 'Financial Instruments: Presentation', it is the substance of the contractual arrangement of a financial instrument, rather than its legal form, that governs its classification. As the subordinated notes contain no contractual obligation to make any payments (either interest or principal) should the Group not wish to make any payments, in accordance with IAS 32 the subordinated debt has been classified as equity in the statement of financial position, with any coupon payments classified as dividend payments.